Repair or Replace a Garage Door in Seven Hills, NV; Remote Not Working, Damaged & More

The value of your home is important, whether you’re planning to sell or staying put, you should always think about the resale value of your home whenever you do any repairs or improvements to it. That gigantic door on the front of your home is no exception. A garage door is ranked in the top three for home improvements whose costs are recouped through increased home value. But just like anything else in your home, a garage door can break. It can start to track incorrectly, work erratically, become difficult to lift or become damaged from weather or by your own car. These issues will have you wondering if you should repair it or replace it. There are times when the cost of repairs makes sense rather than replacing it.

Garage Door Problems that Can Be Repaired

1. Garage door suddenly stops working. This does not mean you need a total replacement. This is usually an easy fix because the problem is usually isolated. The suddenness means you haven’t been abusing your door for years and haven’t caused irreparable damage. Check the batteries in the remote first. If the batteries are fine, go ahead and call the professionals to quickly diagnose what the problem is.
2. Garage door seems heavy. Your garage door opens and closes with springs. These springs also allow you to manually open the door if you need to. If your door seems heavy the springs have started to wear down and can’t bear the weight that they once did. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the spring is going to snap at any moment, but you need to have the pros in to replace them.
3. Single panel of garage door is damaged. If your door has suffered physical damage, you need to have it repaired right away, even if it seems minor. This will ensure a cost-effective repair. Most factory manufactured doors also supply individual panes that can be easily replaced before any further damage occurs. If you end up having to replace more than one panel it may become just as costly as a total replacement.
4. Garage door is sagging. Does your door look like its lower on one side than the other when its open half way? If it does, the door may be imbalanced. This causes increased wear and tear on the lifting mechanism. You can relate this problem with unbalanced tires on your car. When one tire is more worn than the rest, your car won’t work as efficiently. This will cause other parts of your car to work harder and wear prematurely. Just like tires need to be rotated, an imbalanced garage door needs to be fixed. Call professionals to have your door rebalanced.

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Regardless of which direction you decide, it’s very important to hire professionals. Garage doors are more complicated than they appear and can be very dangerous work on. If it’s done incorrectly, it can influence the beauty, functionality and security of your home. Elite Garage Door Repair of Henderson is here to help. Give us a call today!

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