DIY Faux Wood Painting or Staining Maintenance of Your Garage Door in Silverado Ranch, NV

Your garage door is the forefront of your home, it’s the first thing people see when they drive by. By upgrading your garage door, you can add curb appeal and immediately add value to your home. Replacing the whole garage door might not be in your near future. If you have big dreams and a tight budget, never fear. There are other ways to get the look you desire without breaking the bank. Save the new door for a day when it’s possible for you and start by adding a DIY faux wood grain finish for a more elegant and timeless look. United Garage door Service of Henderson will walk you through this process.

Garage Door Painting or Staining Supplies

You will need
-Fine grit sandpaper
-2-3-inch-wide, good quality paintbrush
-Paint roller (4-6 inches)
-Paint tray
-Masking tape
-Rubber gloves
-Face mask
-Paper towels or disposable all-purpose rags
-Choice of stain

How to Prepare Garage Door for Painting or Staining

Lack of proper preparation to the garage door surface can ruin the entire process. This is perhaps, the single most important step of the entire process. Before beginning. Check the forecast for the week, ensure there is no chance of rain, low humidity and desirable temperatures that are not below 50 or above 85. These are ideal conditions for staining or painting outdoors. Depending on the type and condition of paint on your garage door, you may have to start by sanding it a bit. Take a fine grit sandpaper and sand down any imperfect sections or areas with superficial rust. Newer garage doors (1-5 years) will need the whole door sanded to remove the sheen topcoat for the stain to adhere properly to the surface. Next you will want to give the door a good wash with a mild soap and water to remove any dust or impurities on the door. You can also do this with a pressure washer on the lowest setting for quicker results.

Choosing Your Garage Door Color

Gel stains with a matte finish are the best choice for this project. Gel stains have a thicker consistency than conventional stains, which means they won’t drip or run like the conventional stain will. Take home a few samples first if possible, to determine which shade will work best with your home. Dark Walnut is a beautiful color for this project. Always wear your protective rubber gloves and mask before painting or staining. Before beginning, be sure the garage is completely dry, then lay down a paint drip cloth, cardboard or plastic sheeting around the garage. Apply masking tape to any places you don’t want to stain to touch, such as walls bordering garage and the windows on the garage. Now, begin by applying your choice stains to see which you prefer. If the color of your garage is similar to or darker than the stain you will be applying, you will need to add a base coat first. After the base coat has fully dried, begin the staining by using a paint brush on all the recessed areas first. Then move onto the flat surfaces and apply the stain to the door with your roller brush, using the strie technique (you can find videos for this on the web). Try to imitate a natural woodgrain to the best of your ability, then allow 24-48 hours for the garage to completely dry before operating.

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