Someone Hit My Garage Door Panels or Frame in Sunrise Manor, NV; Damage Repair & More

There are some days that simply just do not go as planned. Some days it just seems like from the moment your feet touch the floor everything is just a little bit off. You woke up late. Your outfit just does not fit quite right. Your hair just will not lay the right way. Your kids complain about what you make for breakfast. Your kids will not get moving and you are late getting out the door. You are taking all of your things out to your car and you spill them all over the ground. Then as you get in you frantically start the car and put it in reverse and BAM – you hit the garage door! So if this happens what on earth do you do next?

Ran Into Garage Door Frame? Make Sure Everyone is Safe

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that everyone in the car is safe. One of the unfortunate things that happen on a regular basis is that not everyone is buckled up when you are backing out of your garage. So when you hit the garage door your kids could easily get bounced around inside your car. If everyone is not okay you will want to attend to their needs immediately.

Call for Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Next you want to get everyone out of the car and back inside the house and call your favorite professional garage door company, Elite Garage Door Repair of Henderson. Here at Elite Garage Door Repair of Henderson we get calls each and every week from people that have backed into their garage door. We will head out to your house as soon as we can and get your garage door back to normal.
If you need to leave for work immediately what do you do? It will depend on whether your garage door will open still or not. Sometimes the garage door does not get damaged that much when you back into it. You may be able to open it and get your car out.

Check to See if You Can Close Garage Door

If your garage door is not able to open you have a few things that you can try. First you can see if you can manually open or close your garage door. You do not want to use force. Using force can cause further damage to your garage door opener, motor, chain, or belt. It would stink to cause even more damage than necessary. If it will not open or close you can use another car to get to work. Leaving your garage door open does present some security concerns so we do not recommend leaving your home unattended until the garage door is fixed. You can call a neighbor to come over and sit at your house and wait for us to get there if needed.

Garage Door Repair

Many times people will want to know how much their repair might be. This will just depend on what damage was done when you hit the garage door. Sometimes you will only need a small repair with a minimal cost. Other time you will actually be better off replacing your garage door opener and the expense is larger. You will want to contact your homeowner’s insurance company and see if it is worth putting a claim in. It will depend on your coverage and how high your deductible is whether or not this will be worth it.

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We hope that you are now better prepared if you ever hit your garage door with your car. Even though we truly hope that it does not happen to you Elite Garage Door Repair of Henderson is here for you if it does! Call us for garage door repairs and other needs.

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